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Hello and Welcome to my blog!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

That Evil Thing

To those out there that sew obviously know what a seam ripper is (you know that evil thing that you use to fix your mistakes with,that also makes your fabric weak).

When ever I use it  gets on my nerves! Trying to make sure I keep the fabric looking as nice as possible I get frustrated and start to sweat. That's a thing I've noticed about myself whenever I'm really frustrated about something such as not understanding a pattern, taking an important test, driving,  or seam ripping it seems to get very hot in the room and I start to sweat a lot. 

I suppose that seam rippers (I like to call it "that evil thing") come in handy for starting over because of a mistake. Unfortunately this is what I have been doing to these pajama pants.  Hey, who knows? By the time I'm done with all of my sewing I could be a profesional seam ripper!

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